old leather bound booksRecommended Booklist
Book Publisher Date Author
1902 Edition of the Sears, Roebuck Catalogue  Crown Publishers   1969 Cleveland Amory 
American Country Furniture 1780-1875     Crown Publishers  1965 Ralph & Terry Kovel 
Antiques Directory: Furniture     Crown Publishers 1988 Judith Miller
Emyl Jenkins’ Reproduction Furniture       Crown Publishers 1995 Emyl Jenkins 
Encyclopedia of Furniture   Crown Publishers 1965 Joseph Aronson   
Antique Hunter’s Guide: American Furniture Vol. 1 Black Dog and Leventhal 2000 Schwartz/vonHabsburg    
Antique Hunter’s Guide: American Furniture Vol. 2     Black Dog and Leventhal 2000 Ketchum/vonHabsburg  
Assume Nothing   Robert F. Weinhagen, Jr 1993 Robert F. Weinhagen, Jr
Colonial Revival Furniture    Wallace-Homestead    1993 Linquist/Warren  
Encyclopedia of American Oak Furniture      Krause Books 2000 Robert/Harriett Swedberg  
Fake, Fraud, or Genuine?  Little, Brown & Co.  1991 Myrna Kaye 
Field Guide to American Antique Furniture  Henry Holt  1985 Joseph Butler
Four Centuries of American Furniture    Gramercy Publishing   1995 Oscar Fitzgerald   
Furniture of the Arts & Crafts Period  L & W  Books      1992  
Best of Golden Oak Furniture Schiffer Publishing 2000 Nancy Schiffer
Fine Wicker Furniture 1870-1930 Schiffer Publishing 1990 Tim Scott
Furniture Made in America 1875-1905    Schiffer Publishing  1983 Eileen Dubrow  
American Manufactured Furniture     Schiffer Publishing 1988 Don Fredgant   
American Furniture/19th Century 1840-1880     Schiffer Publishing 1983 Richard & Eileen Dubrow
American Furniture – Understand Styles,   Harry N. Abrams       2000 John T. Kirk   
American Oak Furniture Collector Books 1992 Kathryn McNerney
Furniture of the Depression Era      Collector Books  1987 Robert/Harriett Swedberg 
Marketplace Guide to Victorian furniture      Collector Books  1981 Peter Blundel
Victorian Furniture/Our American Heritage (2 Vols.) Collector Books 1991 Kathryn McNerney  
American Oak Furniture II          Collector Books  1994 Kathryn McNerney
Early American Furniture    Collector Books 2000 John Obbard 
Marketplace Guide to Oak Furniture      Collector Books  1980 Peter Blundell   
Collector’s Encyclopedia of American Furn. (3 Vols.)  Collector Books 1991 Robert/Harriett Swedberg 
Grand Rapids Furniture    Public Museum, Grand Rapids   1998 Christian G. Carron 
Miller’s Antiques Checklist: Furniture     Viking Books 1991 Judith Miller 
Old Furniture: Understanding the Craftsman’s Art    Dover Publishers 1991 Nancy Smith   
Larkin Oak Echo 1990 Walter Ayars
Death in the Dining Room Temple 1992 Kenneth Ames
Chicago Furniture Norton 1984 Sharon Darling